Monday, 12 September 2016

Grooming the Indian Male

Grooming the Indian Male
By:"Surabhi Banerjee"
Published on 2016-07-12 by Partridge Publishing

Today, the biggest need for every human being is real companionship shared between husband and wife. In Indian context, till yesteryears, as long as the man was a good financial provider, he was accepted. It’s no more the same. Life between two people and family has to have more meaning. Relationships can be beautiful by becoming more aware and by making small changes. How? That is what the book deals with. Do Indian men really need to be emotionally groomed in a better way? What is their definition of romance? Do they understand the value of companionship? Do they really know what will make them feel fulfilled and satisfied in life? Can they really fit into the role of a desirable husband? Yes! They can! How? Find out. It’s in here. Happy reading!

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