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Percutaneous Absorption

Percutaneous Absorption
By:"Robert L. Bronaugh","Howard I. Maibach"
Published on 1999-05-28 by CRC Press

Since publication of the Second Edition in 1989, numerous innovations have occurred that affect the way scientists look at issues in the field of percutaneous absorption. Focusing on recent advances as well as updating and expanding the scope of topics covered in the previous edition, Percutaneous Absorption, Third Edition provides thorough coverage of the skin's role as an important portal of entry for chemicals into the body. Assembles the work of nearly 80 experts-30 more than the Second Edition-into a unified, comprehensive volume that contains the latest ideas and research! Complete with nearly 600 drawings, photographs, equations, and tables and more than 1600 bibliographic citations of pertinent literature, Percutaneous Absorption, Third Edition details the applied biology of percutaneous penetration factors that affect skin permeation, such as age, vehicles, metabolism, hydration of skin, and chemical structure in vivo and in vitro techniques for measuring absorption, examining factors influencing methodology such as animal models, volatility of test compound, multiple dosage, and artificial membranes procedures for use in transdermal delivery, exploring topics such as effects of penetration enhancers on absorption, optimizing absorption, and the topical delivery of drugs to muscle tissue And presents new chapters on mathematical models cutaneous metabolism prediction of percutaneous absorption in vitro absorption methodology dermal decontamination concentration of chemicals in skin transdermal drug delivery mechanisms of absorption safety evaluation of cosmetics absorption of drugs and cosmetic ingredients nail penetration Emphasizes human applications-particularly useful for pharmacists, pharmacologists, dermatologists, cosmetic scientists, biochemists, toxicologists, public health officials, manufacturers of cosmetic and toiletry products, and graduate students in these disciplines! An invaluable reference source for readers who need to keep up with the latest developments in the field, Percutaneous Absorption, Third Edition is also an excellent experimental guide for laboratory personnel.

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