Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cosmetics Additives

Cosmetics Additives
By:"Ernest W. Flick"
Published on 1991 by William Andrew Inc.

Describes about 4000 cosmetics additives currently available for industrial use, compiled from information from 84 manufacturers and distributors. The cosmetics and personal care products industry has a $60 billion market worldwide, and future growth is expected. In the US the market breaks down roughly into: hair care-20%, fragrances-20%, skin care-14%, makeup-17%, deodorants and skin and body lotions-10%, and oral care products-10%. Growth is expected in products targeting ethnic markets and working women. The book lists the following product information, as available, in the manufacturer's own words: (1) Company name and product category, (2) Trade name and product number, (3) Product description. Also included are a Trade Name Index and a list of Suppliers' Addresses.

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